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Thursday 22 February 2024

ANJAAM VEDHAM, the Malayalam film written and directed

ANJAAM VEDHAM, the Malayalam film written and directed by debutant MUJEEB T MOHAMMED, will hit the theaters on February 23. Produced by HABEEB ABOOBAKER, the script, dialogue and co-direction of Anjaam Vedham is done by Bineesh Raj. Sagar Ayyappan is the Director of Photography. 

Anjaam Vedham is a multi-genre film that goes through various mysterious twists and turns in its storyline. The shooting of this movie has been completed in the hilly areas of Kerala.

The story unfolds in an imaginary village called Kurisumala.

Though older than Sathar, Sahiba had held a special place in his heart since childhood.

Sathar's political stance was diametrically opposite to the strict religious beliefs of Sahiba's father, Hyder.

Moreover, Sahiba could not defy her father who lived only for her after her mother's death in her childhood.

Because of that, Sathar had to watch Sahiba become Ashraf's wife.

When the devil of religious extremism haunted her in the form of her husband, she divorced him by invoking Fasakh, which was prescribed by religious law.

It was her husband's father himself who told Sahiba that there is a religious law called Fasakh to escape her husband. Enraged by this, Ashraf brutally kills his own father.

Though Sathar was ready to accept her even then, Sahiba could not let herself enter his life as a divorcee.

Her father's strong religious beliefs and opposition from Sathar's family fuelled the determination in her decision.

Then every scene in this movie becomes a rollercoaster visual experience dashing through a suspenseful and thrilling chain of events.

Anjaam Vedham is also a satirical film that touches on the prevailing caste, religious and political situation with a hint of humor.

This movie conveys the message that although we are different in dress code, languages, ideology and worship, men should learn to love each other beyond all caste, religion and political beliefs.  

Newcomer Vihan Vishnu is the hero. Sunu Lakshmi, who became famous in Tamil with the Nayan Thara movie Aram, is debuting in Malayalam as the heroine. Sajith Raj, who has made a name for himself in Tamil with many films like Madhavi and Campus, plays another lead role. Sajith Raj is also known to the Malayalees through a few films like College days and Pramukhan.

Bineesh Raj, who made his debut as a director and screenwriter in Tamil with the critically acclaimed movie Ilai and Sathan, plays an important role in the film.

Anjaam Vedham also has the distinction of rewriting the common illusion that visual effects are an unthinkable area for small budget films. Some of the most beautiful locations seen in many scenes in the movie from start to end are created entirely through VFX. For example, it is an amazing fact that the song scenes where Zia-ul-Haq sings Rafiq Ahmed's lyrics describing nature are completely made with visual effects technology. Bineesh Raj, who surprised Tamil filmmakers and moviegoers alike by creating huge VFX scenes from start to end in a small budget Tamil film Ilai in 2017.  debuts in Malayalam with the visual effects scenes in this song. 

Bineesh Raj's debut in Malayalam is also characterized by the use of advanced possibilities of Ai (art visual intelligence). Bineesh Raj, who has scripted and directed two films in Tamil, has penned the script and dialogues of Anajam Vedham and also co-directed the film.

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