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Saturday 10 February 2024

Miracle Movies Shruti Nallappa presents

 *Miracle Movies Shruti Nallappa presents* 

*Kalidas Jayaram starrer “Nila Varum Velai” - A period Supernatural Thriller on grand scale*

*Shooting starts at Palakkad with ritual Pooja ceremony*

*Chennai: (February 9, 2024)* -  Actor Kalidas Jayaram has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide with his charm and charismatic appeal. His ability to choose diverse scripts and seamlessly adapt to any role has established him as a versatile performer. As the New Year of 2024 began, Kalidas Jayaram expressed his resolution to explore his full potential by taking on lead characters in full-length films, aiming to elevate his career to new heights. Excitingly, Kalidas Jayaram has found the golden moment to do so with Miracle Movies, the esteemed production house led by Producer Shruthi Nallappa. The film's shooting commenced this morning at Palakkad with a ritual Pooja ceremony. 

The production house, known for delivering exceptional content-driven films like "Lakshmi," "Maara," and "Trigger," Miracle Movies is proud to announce its next ambitious project. Titled "Nila Varum Velai," this period supernatural thriller will be a bilingual film simultaneously made in Tamil and Telugu.

In the Tamil version, Kalidas Jayaram will portray the lead character, while the talented Satyadev Kancharana will take on the protagonist's role in the Telugu version, which is yet to be named. The film is helmed by director Hari, who previously delighted audiences with the feel-good romantic entertainer "Enna Solla Pogirai."

Producer Shruti Nallappa expresses her excitement about the upcoming project, stating that Miracle Movies has always strived to nurture compelling stories and bring them to life with grandeur. Their previous films have been a testament to this commitment, and "Nila Varum Velai" promises to offer a never-before-seen cinematic experience. With its vast locations, elaborate set works, and breathtaking action sequences, this period supernatural thriller will captivate film enthusiasts.

“Kalidas Jayaram's dedication and talent have been evident in every role he has portrayed, regardless of screen time. He is truly a star in the making, and Miracle Movies is proud to collaborate with him on this film, which will undoubtedly elevate his stature in the industry. Director Hari's vision and expertise will further enhance the film's quality, making "Nila Varum Velai" a highly anticipated project for both Tamil and Telugu audiences,” says Shruti Nallappa. 

The official announcement on the others in the cast and crew will be revealed soon.

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