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Friday 8 February 2019

Copper Chimney now at VR Mall Anna Nagar, Chennai

Copper Chimney, award winning contemporary dining restaurant, is pleased to announce its new restaurant launch at VR Chennai in Anna Nagar, with a promise to serve the very best grills and flavours to discerning patrons, made using the freshest high quality ingredients & spices that Copper Chimney sources from its select farms.

Founded by Mr J K Kapur, Copper Chimney is an ode to the secret recipes and cooking techniques from across undivided North India, a flavorful mélange of generations-old proprietary techniques and contemporary flair that finds expression in Temple City of India.

Brand Director Mrs. Shikha Nath says, “Mr. JK Kapur’s passion, stemming from his experience growing up near the North-West Frontier Province and his early years setting up the restaurant in Mumbai, has fueled our passion for Copper Chimney over 4 decades, and continues to inspire us to be the leader in Indian cuisine. Every detail, from the even- heating of custom clay ovens, to the creation of distinctive spice blends, is important in showcasing the skills of our ‘Ustads’. We have perfected over several years, the art of preparing and presenting dishes that are simply unforgettable, and this new Copper Chimney is taking that legacy further forward.”

Interior: Situated in VR Chennai which is located in the up-market neighborhood of Anna Nagar, the restaurant has beautiful copper bells installed, that greets guests as they enter, and a warm color palette immediately provides a welcoming vibe. Copper accents are juxtaposed against fresh wood tones and earthy cane, with bursts of color and foliage.

Food: Given its prime location, the new Copper Chimney is ideal for family occasions & celebration as well as post-work mocktails, grills and small plates, alike. The mix of modern design and familiar flavorful favorites will ensure that the restaurant appeals to both the newer diners as well as to the diehard Copper Chimney enthusiasts. In a nod to the country’s unique street drinks, the menu includes Street Coolers too.

Ustads: The Ustads - Master Chefs, are trained and nurtured for decades, gaining in- depth knowledge of ingredients, cooking styles and recipes handed down over from generations. Recipes from the original 1972 menu hold firm and occupy pride of place, champions of the Copper Chimney heritage even today.

Grills: The Tandoor Grills section offers diners healthy yet filling grill options. Vegetarians can take their pick from a wide variety of grills such as Vegetable Seekh Kebab; Roast Paneer; and The Copper Signature Veggie Plate. Non-vegetarians will enjoy Tandoori Fire Chicken; Reshmi Kebab; Chutney Fish & Pudina Grilled Chicken.

A Specials section includes popular picks such as Smoked White Pepper Chicken Chop; Grilled Burrah Chops; and Slow-Cooked Frontier Raan. Also on the menu is Chelo Kebab, a Copper Chimney signature. A visit to Copper Chimney is incomplete without its signature Biryani with flavors that set Copper Chimney biryanis apart.

The menu at the VR Chennai space features recipes that celebrate cuisines from Peshawar to Delhi. Patrons will enjoy a variety of dishes on the menu, ranging from beloved favorites that have abided on Copper Chimney menus over the years, to new, healthful yet delicious options designed using feedback received on new dish requests from guests over the years.

Desserts: To end each meal on a sweet note is a series of Desserts including the unusual yet delicious Almond Phirni Chikki Crumble; Muzaffar, luscious and indulgent, thick Lucknowi Rabdi topped with golden, roasted vermicelli; and Patiala Kulfi.

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