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Monday 18 February 2019



As India’s No.1 Beauty salon chain, Naturals’ venture into the personal care product market is an intuitive one and has been a long time coming. Ever since their inception in 2000, they have built a customer base of thousands, helping women look and feel beautiful through the best personal grooming and styling servicesacross their 650+ salons across the subcontinent. Now, with close to two decades of experience and a track record of excellence, they take the leap into everyday self-care through the introduction of their new brand of personal care products.

Spanning the gamut from necessity to indulgence, the products are made with internationally procured raw materials and fruit extracts to create nourishing, cleansing, healing, beautifying and mood-uplifting experiences.Meticulously created, this exquisite collection of skin and haircare essentials is especially suited to the characteristic demands of Indian skin, keeping in mindthe climatic environment and other factors.The campaign theme is “Beauty Nutrition”.The catalogue contains 14 unique, well-formulated products, highlights of which include the Hazelnut Night Cream, Pulpy Mango Body Scrub and the Coconut-Vanilla Hand & Foot cream. The products are priced affordably from 100 upwards, and address top-to-toe self-care needs.

Speaking about the new product range, Naturals founder VeenaKumaravel said, “This line of self-care products has been conceptualised not just with the Indian woman’s skin’s needs in mind, but also her relaxation and enjoyment. Made with fruit extracts, the ingredients are full of pleasing scents and healing benefits. From a zesty green lime body wash to wake you up in the morning, to the sheer pleasure of a damask rose moisturising sorbet on a cozy weekend, we have it all.”

Naturals proudly launches the collection. Actress Nikki Galrani is the face of the brand, and has launched the product line.

The launch is a celebration of Indian women from all walks of life, acknowledging their unique beauty from the inside out. True to Naturals’ belief that every woman deserves to feel and be seen as gorgeous, they have chosen to partner with several brand ambassadors across fields, promoting new visions of beauty. 10vibrant and talented women from various fields will be attending the launch as brand ambassadors: AarathiArun, photographer Shannon Zirkle, silambam practitioner AishwaryaManivannan, philanthrophistSeemaAsifAli, and fashion designer ShreyaKarunakaran to name a few.

The range will be available online on Amazon and offline in Naturals’ Salons as well as leading multi-brand retail chains.

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