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Thursday 13 April 2023

Peranbum Perungobamum – A Hard-hitting Tale that tears down the social inequality

 *Peranbum Perungobamum – A Hard-hitting Tale that tears down the social inequality* 

Producer Durai Veera Sakthi of VAU Media Entertainment’s upcoming production ‘Peranbum Perungobamum’ marks the directorial debut of Veteran filmmaker Balu Mahendra’s student – Filmmaker Siva Prakash. 

The film owns an unparalleled concept that emphasizes social inequality in a new-dimensional perception, which so far, hasn’t been witnessed in Tamil cinema. 

The film will be one among the league of promising Tamil films like ‘Pariyerum Perumal’, and ‘Asuran’, which strongly comments that a person becomes a true egalitarian not because of his acquisition of wealth and education, but with noble thoughts. A good human is someone, who embellishes his heart and soul with good thoughts rather than adorning his image with titles. 

Peranbum Perungobamum is about one such common man. 

What begins as an investigation of two missing babies takes us through a chain of events involving shocking twists and turns. The story is set against the backdrops of the years 1998, 2000, and 2022. Significantly, the entire crew with scrutinizing efforts carried out extensive research of collecting images and news articles of respective periods, thereby adding a realistic touch to the live locations in the movie. 

Newcomer Vijith is playing the lead role in this movie and appears as 20 yr old, 23 yr old, and 46 yr old characters. Since the story is set in three periods, he went through intense training to gain and shed weight, thereby befittingly looking perfect in three different looks. 

Usually, well-established actors commit themselves to reducing their weight after acting in many movies. However, Vijith as a newcomer has done this with complete enthusiasm by showcasing different looks and unique performances, thereby getting appreciated and applauded on the shooting spots. 

It’s not just the hero; even the film’s heroine appears in three different looks for three different time periods in this movie.

Actress Shali Nivekas, who is winning appreciation for her spellbinding performance as ‘Nachiyar’ in the ‘Sengalam’ web series is playing the female lead role. 

 While Vijith and Shali Nivekas are playing the lead roles, the others in the star cast include Mime Gopi, Aruldoss, Subathra, Vijay TV fame Deepa, Sai Vinod, and actor Kathir’s father Logu, who appear in prominent characters. 

Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja is composing music for this film, and has taken up this project after the grand success of his recent project ‘Viduthalai’. It is worth mentioning that Ilaiyaraaja is composing music for Vetrimaaran, a former assistant to Balu Mahendra, and now, Sivaprakash, a student at Balu Mahendra’s film workshop. 

JB Dinesh Kumar of ‘Saththam Podathey’, ‘Moondru Per Moondru Kadhal’ fame is handling cinematography for this film. Ramar of ‘Asuran’ and ‘Viduthalai’ fame is taking care of editing, and Saravanan is the art director. 

Durai Veera Sakthi of VAU Media Entertainment is producing this film.

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