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Sunday 16 April 2023

SURIYA 42 title is announced – ‘KANGUVA

SURIYA 42 title is announced – ‘KANGUVA’

Indian Cinema’s one of the most anticipated films of 2023-24 is SURIYA 42 starring Suriya, Disha Patani, Yogi Babu and many others, written and directed by Siva. 

The film’s motion poster video, announcing the commencement of the film in September 2022 created huge hype already. Everyone was waiting to know the title of the film.

The Production company Studio Green has now announced the title of Suriya 42 film as ‘KANGUVA’, which means a man with power of fire and a saga of a mighty valiant Hero. As the film is being made in 10 languages in 3D, a common title was required to connect with all language audiences. Hence, the title ‘KANGUVA’ is finalized for all languages and announced today.

The film is Produced by Studio Green K.E. Gnanavelraja in association with UV Creations’ Vamsi-Pramod.

The film is written and directed by Siva and the team comprises of Director of Photography Vetri Palanisamy, Music by 'Rockstar' Devi Sri Prasad, Art Direction by Milan, Editing by Nishad Yusuf, Action Choreography by Supreme Sundar, Dialogues by Madan Karky, Story by Siva and Adi Narayana, Lyrics by Viveka and Madan Karky, Costume Design by Anu Vardhan, Costumes by Rajan, Makeup by Kuppusamy, Choreography by Shobi and many other Technicians involved.

The film is being shot in Goa, Chennai and various other locations. Already 50 percent of the film is completed and the balance shall be completed in the coming months.

This action entertainer in 3D will present the story of mighty valiant Hero in various avatars and will be a mass entertainer, that will connect with all types of audience. 

As the film involves many action sequences, high level of VFX and CGI, the post-production work is expected to take time and hence the film will release in early 2024. The exact date of release of the film shall be announced once the shooting is completed for the film.

The Producer Studio Green has announced the title of the film in a grand manner through various media – Television, Newspapers, Wall Posters and Social Media in one go to communicate the bigness of their venture.

Commenting on the title, Director Siva said that ‘We are delighted to announce the title of Suriya 42 as KANGUVA, who is a man with the power of fire, majestically represented by Suriya on the screen, which will be a memorable, majestic, unique and interesting experience for cinema lovers. We will complete the shooting of the film and announce the release date at the earliest'.'

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