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Sunday 2 April 2023

Anirudh's sweet gesture to young fan who sang Leo Theme Song

 *"Anirudh's sweet gesture to young fan who sang Leo Theme Song!"*

Rockstar Anirudh who is currently touring in America for his musical concert 'Once upon a time' came across a sweet fanboy who impressed him with his performance. Following the first show in Washington DC, the crew performed their next in New Jersey on Saturday. During the course, Anirudh interacted with a lot of fans and clicked pictures with them as well. One such event took place in New Jersey, where a young boy sang the theme song of Leo in full enthusiasm and was lauded by the people around. Anirudh, who was mightily impressed with the fan's singing skills, rewarded him with a goggle he was wearing. 

Team Rockstar will be performing in Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle and Oakland in the upcoming days before winding up the musical tour on April 15th, 2023. On the work front, Anirudh has Jailer, Leo, Jawan, Indian 2, Thalaivar 170, NTR 30 in the pipeline.

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