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Monday 17 April 2023

Phoenix Marketcity Kick started Tamil New Year with

 Phoenix Marketcity Kick started Tamil New Year with Power-Packed Events over the Weekend 

Launch of Holiday Land, Shweta Mohan concert, Neon Zumba Party  

Chennai, April 17th, 2023: With its commitment in making memorable experiences for the people of Chennai, Phoenix Marketcity pulled off yet another bombastic weekend commencing the Tamil New Year in full swag. Immersed in the world of music and dance and complete entertainment, the crowd witnessed special events like the launch of Holiday Land, Live concert by Shweta Mohan ft. Bennet and the band, Neon Zumba party. 

The Holiday Land, a unique theme décor on pirates and mermaids exclusively designed for the summer vacation was unveiled at the atrium with live acts, music performances, interactive games and friendly mascots. The crowd that gathered were amused with the celebration which featured bright and colorful designs of the ocean with magical mermaids, notorious pirates and other interesting sea creatures. To beat the heat in style the Holiday Land welcomes one and all, especially kids, to dive into the cool blue oceanic experience and enjoy interesting games, activities and much more over the summer vacation holiday season till the end of June.  

The Tamil New Year evening wound up with an energetic musical concert by Shweta Mohan ft. Bennet and the band as the crowd was elevated with popular musical melodies and feet tapping hits of her collection.

The Neon Zumba Party was a standout and an instant hit from start to finish as the people were taken to an alternate night world with an amazing display of bright neon colors coupled with the best of dance and music of the Zumba performance by 20 plus instructors. Energy levels were extremely high and reverberated across the neighboring Velachery as Chennaites were engrossed in this one-of-a-kind exercise cum dance program with neon lights, neon paints, neon powder, gloves and much more.  

About Phoenix Marketcity: A premier destination for luxury lifestyle, it provides guests a variety of opulent options. Phoenix continues to be "The" destination for the most affluent and sophisticated residents of the city as well as expats thanks to its truly international appearance and feel, elegantly decorated interiors, and the best of food, fashion, and                   entertainment from across the world. The mall provides Chennai with the most extensive and appealing lifestyle shopping experience. The stores represent a comprehensive mix of international, national, and regional luxury brands. Phoenix Marketcity in Chennai is more than simply a mall; it's a confluence of fascinating cultures, lovely clothes, and high-end couture. A city within a city, in an urban setting with coexisting shopping, entertainment, and leisure options.

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