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Wednesday 19 April 2023

Shamlee exhibits her artistic craftsmanship in paintin

 *Shamlee exhibits her artistic craftsmanship in painting!*

Shamlee is a national-award winning child actor who continued gracing the silver screen as an adult as well.Her passion for life took her into other art forms like dance and painting, and the passion turned into a pursuit of excellence in both the fields. She decided to chase her creative calling. Her tireless commitment, relentless practice and tenacious attitude have now led her to create art that is original, expressive and straight from the heart with continuous guidance from her mentor artist Mr. A. V Ilango. 

After years of seeing herself in motion picture she now visualised herself in a colourful, liberated frozen frame. Shamlee picks her thoughts of life and presents them visually. Her female subjects are in a common state of dance epitomising the artist’s free soul. Her women represent an ideal that wants to break free from societal conditions. Her women represent what women can be and not what they should be. Using fluid lines, contours and colors she creates individuality and stories of strength, mystery and femininity. 

Shamlee had her first international exhibit at World Art Dubai which had an exceptional line up for 300 artists and galleries from 60 countries all over the world. WAD was a 4 day event from 9-12 March at Dubai World Trade Centre. The actor-turned-artist has also exhibited at:- 

Chitra kala parishad - Diverse perceptions - 11 - 17 oct 2019

Venba gallery  - Crossroads-                 2- 9th feb 2022 Chennai 

Chitra kala parishad-  southern trends 1   -11 April -17 April 2022

Bengaluru International centre Southern trends 2 -  16 oct 19 oct- 2022

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