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Saturday 15 April 2023

Vairam Paanja Katta – A 45-minute inspiring short film..

Vairam Paanja Katta – A 45-minute inspiring short film..

Vairam Paanja Katta – A 45 Minutes Comedy Entertainer short film

Overseas Leading Distribhton company and the team

Part of Oscar-Winning.. documentary film ‘Elephant Whisperers’ is releasing a new short film ‘Vairam Paanja Katta’.

Common Man Sathish, who has worked in films , directed album song, short films and ad films is playing . lead role in 45-minute short film titled ‘Vairam Paanja Katta’.

The film’s protagonist role played by Sathish has already created some fabulous short films like Indian Tourist and Nodikku Nodi.

The ‘Indian Tourist’ short film garnered tremendous response More than 25 million views in social media platform YouTube and also won several International awards. In the same manner, the ‘Nodikku Nodi’ short film gained phenomenal response among Tamil film celebrities. The other creation ‘ivalai Polae’, a music album clasped great positions in the Top 10 charts.

Having gained so much popularity, actor Sathish is now playing the lead role in ‘Vairam Paanja Katta’. Yasmin is playing the female lead role in this movie. Sundar Mahasri has written and directed this film, apart from handling cinematography and editing. Yasmin Begam of Rock and Roll Production is producing this short film.

Many have been consistently appreciating the film on their social media pages.

Thenandal Films Producer Murali, C.V. Kumar, Libra Productions Chandrashekar, Saravanan, Suresh, John Max, G Dhananjayan, Sanam Shetty, S.P. Choudary and many others have appreciated this film.

AP International has acquired the release right of this film. The same production-distribution company was responsible for selling the OTT rights of the Oscar-winning film ‘The Elephant Whisperers to Netflix. Witnessing the great value of this film, AP International has decided to release it.

He is also acting in one of the lead roles in a film directed by Bhuvan Nullan, director of feature films - ‘Zombie’ & ‘Mo’.

It is worth mentioning that the director of this film, featuring Common Man Sathish will be soon directing a full-length feature movie.

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